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Time to Order!

Always a Champion is now available on Kindle and paperback. I hope you enjoy Lucy’s story! The Audible version should be available for download next month.

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BAck to School, the BArn, and The computer

It’s been a busy few weeks here. School started back for the kids and Barney decided to celebrate by having his front right leg swell up. We didn’t find any obvious injury, but he seemed to enjoy the attention and some time with an ice pack. After about three days, it seems to be back […]

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A Lot of Years

When I’m writing a book, the characters often share personality traits, feelings, or memories from horses and people I’ve known in my life, including myself. This is a picture from the first ribbon I remember winning at a horse show. As you can see, it isn’t blue. I didn’t win the class. In fact, I […]

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